Records Management Assistant

This system was developed as an interim solution to allow users to declare documents as records. The system is provided under the terms of the Apache License Version 2.0.

What is it exactly?

Many government and local government organisations have a requirement to securely store electronic records. basically any document and/or email could potentially be a record that requires storing for some later retrieval. in The UK the recent Freedom of Information act has been the catalyst for many government organisations realising that they need a way to store a retrieve these documents. These records will often need metadata (so that they can be easily classified and found) and an appropriate search mechanism so that the records can be found.

Why didn't we buy one?

The organisation that I work didn't particularly wish to spend many millions of pounds implementing a top tier enterprise ready records management system. The issues with these systems can be:

  • Very Expensive,
  • Tricky learning curve for the user (onerous training issues),
  • Integration with existing systems can be hard.

That was the basic set of business requirements for what we called the IERMS (Interim Records Management System). It was supposed to be an interim system but its still going strongly!

Design Goals

The key design goals are:

  • Simple user experience, a single 1/2 hour training session for normal users.
  • Easy integration to existing infrastructure.
  • Easy to backup
  • Easy to search.


What do I do now?

Go download the software and documentation via the source forge hosted project page.

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What about modding the source / support / maintenance?

All of these things are doable. Under the licence terms you can mod the source yourselves. Please feel free to send any amendments back to the project!

However, I'm also available to do direct mods for you at a reasonable day rate. I can also do consultancy during your installation and arrange maintenance contracts for support issues and bug fixes. If you need any of this and it interests you pop me a mail.